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We understand that switching banks can be a difficult and time consuming process. That’s why here at Valley Bank we've created this Switch Kit to make moving your account as easy as 1>>2>>3. Simply take a few moments to fill out the Customer Profile forms below and bring them to your nearest Valley Bank branch. One of our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you throughout the entire process.

Switch Kit for Checking Accounts

Switch Check List
Switch Bill Pay List
Switch Online Instructions
Automatic Payment Change Form
Account Closure Form
Account Balance Worksheet

Banking as easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Open your new account with Valley Bank and stop using your old account immediately.
  2. Let us assist you in moving all your direct deposits and automatic payments using the forms included in your switch kit.
  3. Close your old account at your former bank!

Valley Bank provides you with a complete line of products and services to meet all your personal and business financial needs.

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It’s easy to enroll in Valley Bank’s online internet banking which will enable you to access all of your loan and deposit accounts from the convenience of your own home or office. Just follow these step-by-step instructions and your personal computer will be transformed into your own “Valley Bank" branch office.

Simple Online Banking Registration:

Six quick and easy steps and you are ready to go!

  • "New User - Click Here ” to sign in for the first time. Already with Valley Bank? Login in under Secure Online Banking from any Valley Bank webpage.
  • Confirm your identity by entering your social security number or tax identification number, choose your account type and enter your account number. Click "Continue enrollment".
  • Create your unique username and password. Please refer to special instructions on requirements for each. Enter your primary email address and click "Continue enrollment."
  • Review your information, if correct click "Continue enrollment", if not correct click "Change".
  • Enrollment is now complete, click "Continue" to read and accept your disclosures. Please check the box marked "I have read and agree to the terms and conditions".
  • Confirm phone number. Click "Submit" once your number is confirmed. You are now registered in Online Banking and ready to go!

The “List of Accounts” screen will appear. At this point, you can select which account you would like to access to review your balance, transfer funds, review your account statement and even view cancelled checks....all at the click of a button!

To access Valley Bank's online bill pay, simply click on the account you wish to use for bill pay and choose from the options at the top of the screen. On this screen, you will be allowed to pay bills, transfer funds or add/edit payees. To end you Valley Bank online banking session, simply click on the "Log Off" button to return to the homepage.

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